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Wide Fitting Saddles

Is your horse ultra wide, XXX wide? Are you having fitting and stability problems? We have the solution!

Others have tried and failed but Ideal have succeeded! The Ideal FWB is a saddle designed upon a new hoop head tree to suit extremely wide horses.

“Ideal have been so clever with this tree. The problem they had to surmount was creating strength with the extra width. This works” says Ian. So, at last here is a saddle that gives stability for the ultra wide.

To complete the range for the wide, Ideal also offer GP and VSD saddles all built on a special H & C tree. The tree is designed to be extra wide in the head so that the saddle fits over more of the breadth of the wither thereby improving weight distribution.

Also included here is the Ozelle, truly an innovation in that it is a dressage saddle for wide horses with a wide gullet and flat tree but at the same time gives a narrow twist for the rider. The Grandee also deserves inclusion in this section being a fabulous GP saddle that will go very wide, an option for the wide horse who doesn’t quite warrant an H & C tree.

Also available DESIGNED TO ORDER.

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